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crimjustreaction paper

crimjustreaction paper - William Krumsiek 21836968 Criminal...

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William Krumsiek 21836968 Criminal Justice and Moral Issues Reaction Paper There are many crimes in this world and country that can easily and readily be defined as a crime without any debate. This is because these crimes inflict harm, cause bodily and/or monetary damage, endanger the safety of people, and are accepted in the community as a whole as being wrong. On the other hand, there are some other “victimless crimes” that nobody besides the person committing the crime gets hurt, and many people believe should not be crimes. These are things such as prostitution, pornography, gambling, drug use, homosexuality and abortion. Many of these are controversial issues that have many people arguing that they should be crimes and many people that argue that they should not be considered as crimes. The first of these issues is that of prostitution, which is for the most part when a women, but not always, sells sex for usually some monetary sum. Right now in every state besides that of Nevada, prostitution is illegal, however, I believe that this should not be the case and it should be legalized. I believe this because I think it is a way that women can express themselves and a decent way to earn a living. Some women have no other way of earning money, and to punish and arrest them for prostitution only will cause them more damage and probably make them go back to more prostitution because they need to pay back the government. In other words “The laws turn the government into this trade’s biggest pimp through fines that women have to earn through further prostitution.”(Chapter 2, Pg. 54). Another way I believe that prostitution should be legal is for the men it gives a person who would not be able to have sexual encounters any other way a chance to do so. Without prostitution, some of these men who cannot exert
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themselves sexually would have a chance of committing worse crimes such as rape in order to do this. Another reason for prostitution being legal is just look at Nevada, and other places in the world such as Amsterdam where it already is legal, which has no significant problems because of it, so therefore it is possible for it to work being legal. The most convincing arguments that there are against having it be legal are that it makes women look inferior to men by selling themselves for money, and also that they spread diseases too easily. I disagree with both of these claims because on the first argument I
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