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William Krumsiek Soc 345 21836968 Part B Question #3 There are many different types of “codes” that people live by in life. There are some of them that are written and are laws that must be followed by everybody, and then there are some that are unwritten rules and if you do not follow them you might end up getting hurt for. One of these kinds of codes is the so called “code of the streets”. The “code of the streets” is the main code that many inner city kids, mainly delinquents and gang members, are forced to follow if they want to survive. This code is designed mainly so that rival gang members and people that have to live in hard times on the streets mainly follow and they will get that respect back. The main values of this kind of code are not much different than what our parents teach us as we are young kids; “Do unto others, as you want don’t to yourself”. However when in a gang and on the streets this has a much different meaning than what you parents say; don’t make fun of people if
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juvedeliquencycodestreets - William Krumsiek Soc 345...

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