Practice Exam 2 - Part II - Solutions

Please refer to your lecture notes for the solution

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Unformatted text preview: ; (f.) Fisher's check no. 480, issued in payment of $970 worth of office equipment, correctly written in the amount of $970 but erroneously recorded in Fisher's accounting records as $790. Please refer to your lecture notes for the solution of this question. 4 --------------------------------------Please don’t write below this line--------------------------------------Midterm grading summary: Part I ___________ out of 30 MC questions. (3 points each) ___________ out of 90 points Part II Q1 ________________ out of 4 points Q2 ________________ out of 16 points Part II total ______________ Exam total ______________ out of 100 points Totally, there are x points questions in this exam. The extra credit in this exam is 10 points. 5...
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