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Sheri M. Levitt ART 203 11/04/07 Professor Scally Art Review Masks of Mexico: Santos, Diablos, Y Mas is currently on display at the Arizona State Museum until the end of December 2007. As one walk’s through the exhibit, he or she travels through time beginning with masks from as early as 3000 B.C. and ending with masks from the current century. There is an immaculate change between the fashion and chic of the current and historic masks. This exhibit emphasizes that masks were originally used by priests to call forward the power of Hispanic spirits and gods or used in sacrifices; however, today we realize that the purpose of these masks have changed. A movement instigated in the 1900’s to create masks for retail rather than ceremonial use and people formed this exhibit by collecting these masks to maintain the original cultural legacy. During the exhibit, it comes to one’s attention that there is a continuation through time of the folk art tradition to combine animal and human characteristics. The market
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