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Fuse stellarevolution stellarevolution mediummassstar

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Unformatted text preview: hot enough in its core to fuse Carbon into Oxygen and Neon. fuse Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution Medium­Mass Star Therefore is makes several trips Therefore back and forth across the H-R diagram. diagram. Generally these stars will lose Generally sufficient mass in the red giant stage to prevent Oxygen fusion. stage So the final fate of these stars is a So planetary nebula and then a white dwarf. dwarf. However in these cases the white However dwarf is composed mostly of Carbon and Oxygen. Carbon Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution Medium­Mass Star While crossing the H-R While diagram, some stars pass through a region known as the instability gap. instability Stars in this region Stars are not stable. are Instead they pulsate in Instead and out. and As they pulsate their As brightness varies. brightness...
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