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Thousand finally the nebula disperses and all that is

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Unformatted text preview: tage lasts only a few thousand years. thousand Finally the nebula disperses and all that is left is Finally the core. the The star is now is called a white dwarf. Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution White Dwarf Star A white dwarf star is extreme. A teaspoon full would weigh teaspoon over 200 tonnes! over Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution White Dwarf Star The material a white dwarf is composed of is not normal The gas as we know it. gas It is a state called degerenate matter. It degerenate When electrons are compressed close together, they When resist being pressed into the same quantum state. resist This is known as the Pauli exclusion principle. No 2 electrons may have the same quantum state. This electron degeneracy provides a pressure which This electron can stop gravitational collapse. can Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution Solar­Mass star For a star like the Sun, this is the end. It has insufficient mass for the core to It compress enough to start carbon fusion. compress The white dwarf star produces no energy so it The slowly cools and fades. slowly Eventually all that is left is a dark, very dense Eventually object drifting through space. object This is known as a black dwarf. Clusters Clusters During stage 2, the cloud that is collapsing can During fragment and each fragme...
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