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class lectures - Lauren Gonter Class lectures Neurobiology...

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Lauren Gonter Class lectures Neurobiology I’ve always loved learning about the functions of the brain. But, when I attended the Neurobiology class, I am not so sure that I want to take this class. The teacher was very monotone, and frankly, very boring. He also would change pace, sometimes giving too much time to copy down what he said before changing slides, and other times he didn’t. I did like that the lecture slides were available on the Internet, which makes note taking much easier. I was a little intimidated by the topic of the lecture, because I had absolutely no idea what most things mentioned were. The lecture was focused on the influence of the postsynaptic membrane potential on end plate currents. Through looking at tests, a downward deflection indicates an inward positive current. Experiments have been done that look at the relationship between the voltage at which the muscle cell membrane is patched and changes in the current flow when the presynaptic axon is stimulated. When this happens, ACH is released. If Acetylcholine only opened Na channels, then the is V reversal, which equals Ena. V reversal is the result of both Na influx and K efflux, placing it about midway between the two equilibrium potentials. V reversal doesn’t equal the
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class lectures - Lauren Gonter Class lectures Neurobiology...

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