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GERUND AND INFINITIVE I. FUNCTIONS OF GERUND (Chöùc naêng cuûa Gerund): 1. Subject for a verb : (Laøm chuû ngöõ cho ñoäng töø ) . EX: Swimming is good for your health. Smoking is not good for your health. 2. Object for some verbs (Laøm taân ngöõ cho moät soá ñoäng töø) : admit, advise, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, complete, consider, delay, deny, discuss, dislike, enjoy, finish, can’t help, can’t bear, can’t stand, keep, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practice, quit, recall, recommend, resent, suggest, hate, love, like, start, begin, forget, remember, stop, regret, continue, acknowledge, endure(chòu ñöïng, cam chòu), imagine, justify, resist(khaùng cöï, choáng laïi), feel like, forgive, risk, tolerate. * Coâng thöùc: S + V+ GERUND (V-ING) + O. Ex: I like playing football. She admited stealing a bike. Nam can’t stan d living alone. 3. Object for preposition (Laøm taân ngöõ cho giôùi töø): tobe interested in: thích, quan taâm tobe fond of: thích tobe bored with: buoàn chaùn tobe fed up with: thích tobe afraid of: sôï tobe surprised at: ngaïc nhieân veà . . tobe worried about: lo laéng veà… tobe amused at: thích tobe amazed at: kinh ngaïc veà … tobe famous for: noåi tieáng veà… tobe different from: khaùc vôùi… tobe good/ bad at: gioûi/ teä veà… tobe excited at/ about: thích thuù, haøo höùng tobe frightened of: sôï haõy tobe keen on: thích tobe pleased with: haøi loøng vôùi… tobe relaxed with: thö giaûn tobe exhausted at: meät tobe busy with: baän roän vôùi… tobe absent from: vaéng maët töø… to rely on: troâng caäy vaøo tobe present at: coù maët, hieän dieän tobe tired of: meät moõi tobe terrified of: khieáp sôï, kinh haõi tobe nervous of: hoài hoäp, lo laéng tobe successful in: thaønh coâng veà … to be used to: quen vôùi to get used to: quen vôùi to think of/ about: suy nghó veà… to give up: töø boû to depend on: phuï thuoäc vaøo to insit on: khaêng khaêng * Coâng thöùc: S + cuïm giôùi töø + GERUND + O. EX: I am interested in playing football. They are fond of watching films. Gerund Gerund 4. Object for some phrases and expressions (Laøm taân ngöõ cho moät soá cuïm töø vaø thaønh ngöõ) : to look forward to, It’s no use, It’s no good, It’s worth, have difficulty + gerund. EX: I am looking forward to seeing you again. It’s no use/ It’s no good asking him for help. It’s worth buying that book. I have difficulty finding a job in this city. 5. Moät soá ñoäng töø theo sau coù theå duøng Gerund or To Infinitive ñeàu khoâng thay ñoåi nghóa: begin, start, hate, prefer, continue, like, intend, attempt. EX: I hate to see you = I hate seeing you.
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