Gerund infinitive ly thuyet bai tap

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Unformatted text preview: GERUND AND INFINITIVE I. FUNCTIONS OF GERUND (Chc nang cua Gerund): 1. Subject for a verb : (Lam chu ng cho ong t ) . EX: Swimming is good for your health. Smoking is not good for your health. 2. Object for some verbs (Lam tan ng cho mot so ong t) : admit, advise, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, complete, consider, delay, deny, discuss, dislike, enjoy, finish, cant help, cant bear, cant stand, keep, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practice, quit, recall, recommend, resent, suggest, hate, love, like, start, begin, forget, remember, stop, regret, continue, acknowledge, endure(chu ng, cam chu), imagine, justify, resist(khang c, chong lai), feel like, forgive, risk, tolerate. * Cong thc: S + V+ GERUND (V-ING) + O. Ex: I like playing football. She admited stealing a bike. Nam cant stan d living alone. 3. Object for preposition (Lam tan ng cho gii t): tobe interested in: thch, quan tam tobe fond of: thch tobe bored with: buon chan tobe fed up with: thch tobe afraid of: s tobe surprised at: ngac nhien ve .. tobe worried about: lo lang ve tobe amused at: thch tobe amazed at: kinh ngac ve tobe famous for: noi tieng ve tobe different from: khac vi tobe good/ bad at: gioi/ te ve tobe excited at/ about: thch thu, hao hng tobe frightened of: s hay tobe keen on: thch tobe pleased with: hai long vi tobe relaxed with: th gian tobe exhausted at: met tobe busy with: ban ron vi tobe absent from: vang mat t to rely on: trong cay vao tobe present at: co mat, hien dien tobe tired of: met moi tobe terrified of: khiep s, kinh hai tobe nervous of: hoi hop, lo lang tobe successful in: thanh cong ve to be used to: quen vi to get used to: quen vi to think of/ about: suy ngh ve to give up: t bo to depend on: phu thuoc vao to insit on: khang khang * Cong thc: S + cum gii t + GERUND + O. EX: I am interested in playing football. They are fond of watching films. Gerund Gerund 4. Object for some phrases and expressions (Lam tan ng cho mot so cum t va thanh ng) : to look forward to, Its no use, Its no good, Its worth, have difficulty + gerund. EX: I am looking forward to seeing you again. Its no use/ Its no good asking him for help. Its worth buying that book. I have difficulty finding a job in this city. 5. Mot so ong t theo sau co the dung Gerund or To Infinitive eu khong thay oi ngha: begin, start, hate, prefer, continue, like, intend, attempt....
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