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Spanish 112 Speaker During the time that I spent listening to the speaker I felt the extreme troubles that she and her country were experiencing. Her willingness to come to America to explain the troubles that her country is facing shows how brave she is, and how much that she wants change. Giving that her only language is Spanish escalates the difficulty of her speech. Her speech was one that will stick in my mind and remind me of how good I have it. Columbia has over 40 million people and lots of violence and drugs. Her visit to Collegeville is a bit strange to her, because compared to Columbia, Minnesota is quite peaceful. She starts off her speech by enforcing the fact that the drugs and violence need to stop, but the multiple attempts to stop the war has lead to the assassinations of the leaders of the antiwar movement. The speaker’s proposition to solve the war is to aim at the producers and the consumers, and to take them down by politics. People in political office feel that the only way to solve the country’s issues is to use brute force. Government officials are being kidnapped for ransom, this leads to a scared government
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