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Thu 23 – Early Middle ages. Readings: Kostof, chap. 12. THE FALL OF THE EMPIRE Caracalla Bath – plan 211-217 AC Organized on 2 axes Main core of the bath – wire frigid water, hot water Inner bath – for the patricians only – guarded from public outside Has exedra – round From birds’ eye Rome – Diocletain baths, end of third century Rimpressive interior Roman bathat Arch of Constanttine 4 support corners – like original hut
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Unformatted text preview: so one wall amkese keystone element – long Maxentius’s basilica – more traditional Empire split into 4 capitals Germany, Trier, Porta Nigra, before 312 AC Use columns for support Trier, Aula Palatina (or Basilica), part of the Constantine pala4 tjee early 4 Basilica – typical flooor plan Centrenade – Enter from here Walls are skinner then worlds : Ballatina in MedhodThpoBac – also has lfiif...
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