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Architecture_NotesJan24 - Tue 24 Structures and Materials...

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Tue 24 – Structures and Materials. Wall and aperture, post and lintel, arch, flat arch, colonnade, arcade, dome. Readings: Kostof, chap. 1. Prehistory of architecture First space – cave [~] Men found protection and comfort Fluid formed holes cave Natural walls First artificial architectural element Wall First step towards “modern” living Discussed on a theoretical level from Roman times *Marc Antoine Laugier engraving shows goddess of architecture – showing boy first manmade architecture 4 trees, cover hut – shown again in South America post-lintel system – basic elements Post-lintel Stonehenge 1914-15 – le Corbusier – horizontal slabs, system of stairs – flexible stairs sense of continuity Parthenon – 5 th century BC Highly sophisticated Constituted the very beginning of western architecture Wall, cella (where statue of Athena is located), thick wall/frame, colonnade Symbol of an era – when modern architecture started (?) Foundations Underground – same purpose as root of tree Keep a building grounded and sturdy Deeper = better grounded
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