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Tue 31 – Architectural Orders and the legacy of classicism in modernity. From Baroque to Modernism. Readings : J. Summersons, The Classical Language of Architecture , London (1963), 1980, pp. 6-114. Rome in the Renaissance Upside down composite column (capital) Marteen van Heemskeerck c. 1535 Roman ruins Greatness of Rome is explained in its ruins Shows the way Rome appeared Attitude towards ruins Towards analytical, no longer contemplative Colosseum – Rome – 3 levels Doric bottom, Ionic middle, Corinthian top Reflects Vetruvius’s views In Renaissance, many examples of architectural order – still standing Confusion still big Vetruvius treaties – several manuscripts – 2 big problems Written in very obscure latin (very few people could read) Leon Battista Alberti 1404-1472 Law school, but focused attention on philosophy 1 st in Renaissance to try to classify the different orders Didn’t change the classifications made by Vetruvius Added a 4 th – officially the composite – not Greek origin - Italian Order both structural and decorative On this foundation, we can understand a great majority of modern architecture Florence Capital of modernity [way back when] But didn’t have any Roman ruins Baptistery of St. John Even today, foundation of building’s date unclear Exterior in 13 th century – not Roman building But once thought of as Roman Forgivable mistake Second level is taller and carries system of arches and columns Capital of second level is composite Interior is shaped according to system of Corinthian capitals, support Corinth ent. One of the last examples of Roman architecture existing in Italy
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Architecture_NotesJan31 - Tue 31 Architectural Orders and...

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