EAExam3StudyGuideTimeline - DATE TERM SUMMARY 1898 Liang...

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Unformatted text preview: DATE TERM SUMMARY 1898 Liang Qichao & the Hundred Days of Reform +Constitutional monarchy; China needs more self- strengthening; Emperor Guangxu reformed, Cixi didn’t 1899- 1901 Boxer Rising Boxers seized legation quarters in Beijing – 2 weeks Against Christians; powers demanded money 1911 Yuan Shikai and the Revolution of 1911 Republican revolution led by Yuan, overthrew Qing Dynasty; monarchy democratic ideals; later corrupt 1911- 1923 New Culture Movement CCP; eliminate Confucianism, embrace Western, vernacular Chinese; openly criticize traditional Chinese 1915- 1926 New Youth CCP’s propaganda magazine. Initiated New Culture Movement. Anti-Confucian. Chen Duxiu. Westernize. 1924 Sun Yat-sen & the “Three People’s Principles” Nationalist. Anti-Manchu. Western teaching. Nationalism/ Democracy/ People’s Livelihood. 1927- 1937 Nanjing Decade Nationalist capital; many good reforms. Strong support, little control. KMT’s consolidation. 1934 Chiang Kai-Shek & the New Life Movement KMT leader after Sun. Lost civil war Taiwan. +Confucian self-cultivation & Western – reforms. 1935 Long March CCP’s military retreat – recuperate, isolate. Jiangxi Shaanxi. 6000miles/year. 10,000/100,000 survived....
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EAExam3StudyGuideTimeline - DATE TERM SUMMARY 1898 Liang...

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