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2. “The two most important moments in modern Japanese history were the Meiji Restoration (and the years immediately following it), and the U.S. Occupation of Japan.” Critically evaluate this statement, noting similarities as well as differences between the Meiji Restoration and the Occupation. Military – +/- What US did – like Iraq Forced democracy Both needed reform Pro-western – US style US probably not sensitive to Japan’s needs Most successful when already precedent set – Meiji restoration Build on Japan’s democracy – suffrage, other standards Mention Fukuzawa’s thing Throwing off Asia – welcome Western influence, but separate from other Asian countries Westernization – voluntary/forced
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3. Compare and contrast the responses of China, Korea and Japan to Western contact or encroachment in the nineteenth century. Include in your discussion the major events that marked the new relationship between these Asian countries as well as between these Asian countries and
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