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History of Modern China I page 1 of 4 Review Session Notes Opium trade Chinese people addicted GB revenue Polachek – consequence of different factions Court/Manchus more flexible in dealing with GB Scholars/officials have more hard-line policy Lin Zexu finds Opium, destroys GB takes force wants compensation for drugs destroyed wants to make China more submissive Opium War Treaty of Nanjing - 1842 Sets up framework for China-West interactions for 19 th , even 20 th centuries Provisions Hefty indemnity – China can’t pay, so turns into loan Discontent feeds into Xinhai Revolution Establishment of 5 treaty ports Start of establishment of many more Site of China-West interactions Translation of technology, science, Christianity Not beneficial to vast majority A lot of foreign investment End of the Canton system Qing gives Hongkong to GB Treaty of the Bogue – 1843 – supplemental treaty GB gets extraterritoriality Not subject to Chinese laws GB gets most-favored-nation status Counterintuitive – they have same rights as all other countries China loses control over tariff policies Think about capability of Qing – Treaty of Nanjing weakened it China lost face on international level – concern mostly of the officials, scholars Ordinary people concerned mostly with personal interactions with West Nationalism during this period Started in about 1900 – one nation with boundaries, a certain group of people Started situation West superior to China China had to strengthen itself Very important to Sun Yat-sen, Liang Qi-chao Dissent Distinction Secret societies – secular, secret, different range of symbols to bond members Sectarian groups – religious, not secret, often w/ Buddhist content e.g. White Lotus Uprising (late 18 th century)
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MCFinalReviewSessionNotes - History of Modern China I...

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