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(pg 126-133, 172-179, 197-212|213-230) Lin Zexu – imperial commissioner at Guangzhou in 1839-40 Civil service system – rose through ranks, did well – competence, integrity, humaneness Almost ceased opium traffic completely as commissioner – very stern GB thought China was being very unreasonable – who should convict criminals? Fight! China unprepared, Lin was shamed, banished to Xinjiang Believed that China needed Western technology and weapons to beat them Even when came back (he did other great things to redeem self), didn’t have influence Sent letter to friend Wu Zixu – China needs guns and ships to defend self Wei Yuan – scholar (sort of) official Helped interpret for Chinese minds the meaning of the fateful conflict (O.W.) Later ages are superior to the Three Dynasties More humane Rich people are necessary (for funding projects), as is the middle class To send tribute rice – use merchant shipping routes – see circumstances of time Decrease cost to increase tax revenue Wrote many books Military History of the Qing Dynasty Illustrated Gazetteer of the Maritime Countries Lived in Yangzi, Yangzhou during OW Realized “barbarians” had advanced technology, militarily and industrially China, although dedicated to morals, needs to awaken to danger and apply self practically Find out strengths and weaknesses of enemies Match strengths, exploit weaknesses
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ReadingsNotes2 - (pg 126-133 172-179 197-212|213-230 Lin...

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