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Author Title Main Points Jeanette Greenfield The Elgin Marbles Debate – The Return of Cultural Treasures To return or not to return the marbles? England vs. Greece England – part of its history now; more people can see it Greece – England is wrong context; Greece has more history with it; it’s made by Greece; was stolen in the first place; can be put in the Acropolis museum T.J. Clark Olympia’s Choice - The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers Purpose of Olympia, what it did for the art world – dissonant modernization of the nude; changed the way people see what role of nude was, amorphous How people reacted to it initially – most didn’t see connection to Venus of Urbino; “neither true nor living nor beautiful” Charles Baudelaire, I The Painter of Modern Life We may love general beauty but cannot ignore particular beauty; beauty has two elements: eternal/invariable (difficult to determine quantity) and relative/circumstantial (age, fashion, morals, emotions – source of amusement, icing on the cake); beauty is promise of happiness? technical means most expeditious, least costly, fastest; flâneur is painter of the passing moment & of all the suggestions of eternity that it contains; flâneur looking for modernity (ephemeral, contingent); every old master has had his own modernity ; love is the natural occupation of the idle; has an air of coldness from an unshakable determination not to be moved ; the mistress lacks practically nothing to make her into a great lady, a.k.a. practically everything – distinction!; exist for other people’s pleasure more so than their own Barthes, Roland Camera Lucida Every photo must have studium and punctum to be attractive – personal Photography tormented by ghost of painting – same framing, same perspective
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ReadingsChart - Author Jeanette Greenfield T.J. Clark...

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