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April 1 st Mobilizing the American family for war The military Total war- a complete war where all aspects of society are affected by the way. The line btwn civilian and combatant is diminished. Mobilization- moving everything towards war. I.e. factories turning to produce military needs… military, economic, Hearts and Minds When the US entered war they were facing a two-part war. Nazis and Japanese in the pacific 1940- 450,000 men in uniform. Not enough men to fight the war Draft- started in 1940 before Pearl Harbor in 1941. By the end of the war 16 million men served Average GI was 5’8 144lbs and only completed 1 year of high school Each recruit had to take the AGCT test Naval Expansion Act. 1940 Revenue Act of 1942 Income tax- more Americans had to pay income taxes. The revenue act lowered the exemption for income tax. Prior to the act you had to make $1500 to pay income tax. After the act the exemption was lowered and had to pay if your income was greater than $600. Around 45% of the War was paid through income tax.
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