CLCV115 - Assignment #2 - Ji Yoon (Jenny) Lee CLCV 115 Amy...

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Ji Yoon (Jenny) Lee CLCV 115 – Amy Oh Writing Assignment #2 Due: October 26, 2006 Dear Editor of The Cadmean Chronicle , Good afternoon. I decided to write to you concerning the article Antigone that was published yesterday in The Cadmean Chronicle . First, I want to tell you that I am an active reader of your newspaper and that I hope The Cadmean Chronicle will continue to flourish throughout Thebes. I know the recent events that took place past couple of days have not been exactly wonderful. First, I want to express my deep sorrows with those who took the lives of their own. I am truly regretting the fact that I did not act soon enough to prevent such tragedy. Yes, I will admit that I have been harsh and somewhat stubborn dealing with the event of Antigone burying the body of her brother, Polynices. But I am writing this letter to you wanting to express what my actual intentions were in carrying out my actions. I want you to know that my deepest concern lies with the people of the city.
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CLCV115 - Assignment #2 - Ji Yoon (Jenny) Lee CLCV 115 Amy...

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