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Annotated Bibliography Mirza Jahic123 - Mirza Jahic...

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Mirza Jahic Professor Deck EWRT 1B:62z 11/28/2003 Blow, Curtis. < > [I’m not saying that the source is unacceptable, but you need to add more info to the Works Cited item title of article, name of website, date posted if avail., date accessed. Also spell his name right!!] Curtis starts off by describing where hip-hop and rap originated from and follows ahead by giving credit to those responsible for this new wave of music. He writes,” Hip-hop is the voice of a generation that refused to be silenced by urban poverty, a local phenomenon fueled with so much passion and truth it could not help but reach the entire world.” This is one of the best descriptions of hip-hop that I have ever seen. The article goes on to write about individual experiences and descriptions of hip-hop from the perspective of an admirer. This article has deep meaning similar to the poetry of Langston Hughes. By this I mean that it was true because it came from an individual living the struggle and growing with it as the phenomenon kept expanding and progressing. This will help me a lot as I write my paper due to the fact that it has such deep, emotional attachment towards hip-hop, its culture that follows, and its community that emerged that was built upon a dream. Bogdanov, Vladimir et al.   All Music Guide to Hip-Hop: The Definitive Guide to Rap and Hip-Hop (2003) [again, more info needed. Is this a book or what?] This book is pretty much self-explanatory. It contains information about every artist in the hip-hop industry with information such as historical background, place of birth,
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Annotated Bibliography Mirza Jahic123 - Mirza Jahic...

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