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Playing Dodge, THEA 101

Playing Dodge, THEA 101 - Theater Forum 101 Laural Meade...

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Theater Forum 101 Laural Meade Sean Embrey-Stine December 16, 2009 Playing Dodge: My Experience The character of Dodge in Sam Shepherd’s Buried Child is in some ways the most broken and bitter character in the play. His words and actions constantly contradict each other. He claims to have forgotten and shunned his own past, claiming, “That other stuff was a sham (Act III, Scene 1).” Yet, in reality, the life he has now seems to be more of a sham than anything that came before. Dodge does everything he can to hide from the world, refusing to leave the house, “I rarely go out in the bright sunshine, why would I go out in this? (Act I, Scene 1).” He is always drinking and smoking constantly even in his poor health, “Anybody in this house could get me a bottle. Anybody! But nobody will. Nobody understands the urgency!” Sometimes Dodge’s desire to escape is so intense that he literally hides his head underneath his blanket. When I approached playing the role of Dodge for this project, I wanted to find a way to convey his detachment from the world. My character does not make eye
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