Entomological insects present which of the following

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Unformatted text preview: ing, bruising – Physiological • Blossom end rot of tomato, bitter pit of apple – Pathological • Fungi, bacteria, viruses – Entomological • Insects present Which of the following defects negatively influence the postharvest life of fresh produce? A. Healed frost damage B. Chilling injury C. Healed scars and scabs D. Irregular shape E. Suboptimal color uniformity and intensity 0% A. 0% 0% B. C. 0% 0% D. E. Examples of Defects that Reduce Postharvest Life Potential of Fresh Produce • • • • • Softening Sunburn & sunscald Bruising Cracks Sprouting • • • • • Chilling injury Insect injury Scald Decay Cuts, abrasions & skin breaks 4 6/15/2013 Scoring System for Visual Quality SCORE DESCRIPTION 9 EXCELLENT: Field fresh, no defects 5 7 VERY GOOD: Defects very minor 4 5 GOOD: Defects moderate, limit of marketability 3 3 FAIR: Defects serious, limit of usability 2 1 VERY POOR: inedible 1 Texture – feel in hands or mouth Texture Measurement • Firmness • Firmness or softness – Hardness, softness • Crispness • Succulence, juiciness • Mealiness, grittiness • Toughness, fibrous...
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