True b false appearance quality is very important

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Unformatted text preview: se of harvest • Receivers and Marketers A. True B. False – Appearance quality is very important, also firmness, gloss, long shelf life, safety • Consumers 0% – Good appearance, firm, good flavor and nutritional content, safety Fa ls e Tr ue 0% 1 6/15/2013 Appearance – Visual • Size • Shape and Form – Ratio of diameter to length – Smoothness – Compactness • Gloss – Lack of water loss – Added wax Size Measurement • Dimensions – Length – Width – Diameter – Circumference • Weight • Volume Tools to Measure Product Size Shape of Various Cultivars of Carrot 2 6/15/2013 Shape of Tomato Fruit Color Measurement • Visual assessment • Matching of colors – Color charts or models • Optical instrumentation – Light reflected or transmitted by commodity • Chemical analysis for pigment content COLOR Hue: red, purple, blue, green, yellow Chroma: intensity of color Value (L): Light to dark Minolta Colorimeter 3 6/15/2013 Appearance - Visual • Defects – external or internal – Morphological • Sprouting, rooting, floret opening – Physical & mechanical • Shrivel...
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