Various sized tips ametek penetrometer effegi

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Unformatted text preview: ness Texture Measurement • Fibrousness or toughness – Shear force – Resistance to cutting (Fibrometer) – Chemical analysis of fiber or lignin content – Puncture (various sized tips) • Ametek penetrometer; Effegi penetrometer • May be mounted in a stand or automated – Compression or Deformation • FirmTech, Instron – Acoustic measurement (non-destructive) Drill Stand Mounted Penetrometer Guage: $200-$600 Stand: $400 • Succulence and juiciness – Water content or extractable juice • Sensory textural quality – Grittiness, crispness, mealiness, chewiness, oiliness 5 6/15/2013 Fruit Texture Analyzer (FTA) Güss Manufacturing South Africa $5,050 Texture Analyzer Texture Technologies Inc. ~$25,000 FirmTech1 Firmness Tester Flavor – Taste and Aroma • • • • • • • • Sweetness Sourness – acidity Bitterness Saltiness Astringen...
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