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Kyle King Lesson 2 ENGL 104 Film Production Seen Through the Movies Film production utilizes a wide variety of people and projects to arrive at the end product. It is a very long process that many people don’t know about as they only see the resulting film. In the movies Singin’ in the Rain and The Player , some of what goes on behind-the-scenes is brought out into the open for audiences to see. They both show a little bit of the production world as part of their storyline. The way the production process is shown, however, can be quite different between the two films. Within this paper, I will compare and contrast the preproduction phase, the production phase, the postproduction phase, and the distribution phase that are portrayed in these two films. The most noticeable comparison that I observed while watching these films was the movie script and the writers. In Singin’ in the Rain the original writer of the production taking place within the movie is never seen. As the industry changes and “talkies” are introduced, the movie studio needs an alteration to the script to incorporate music. The revision of the script in order to suit the new desires of the studio is another example that rewriting is common within the preproduction stage. In The Player , however, they illustrate this facet a bit differently. In this film, a writer approaches the director with a script and has specific directions on how the movie should be made. When the movie is finally produced, however, it is completely changed from the original idea introduced by the author. The satire in this situation is that the author is very satisfied with the ending despite the drastic changes to his specific directions. Both of these movies seem to downplay a writer’s ability to produce something that will ultimately show up in a film. I don’t know much about the movie making industry, but the impression I got from these two films was that writers are only used to create ideas. A full script
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Kyle King Lesson 2 ENGL 104 may be written up for a movie, but with all the changes that can occur, the only thing truly remaining is the initial idea. Scenes from The Player show this discrimination towards writers in a straight-forward fashion. Singin’ in the Rain , on the other hand, does not ever show a writer. He is implied instead, because the script for the movie is already in place. In each instance, however, there is no hesitation from actors and directors deviating significantly from the original piece of work. Both films suggest to the viewer that it is commonplace for a writer’s script to be completely torn apart and changed. Another interesting comparison between the films is the role of the producer.
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Film production - Kyle King Lesson 2 ENGL 104 Film...

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