Budget Deficit Exercise

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Unformatted text preview: U.S. Govt & Politics Spring 2008 Political Science 1 J. P. Vermeer BUDGET SIMULATION EXERCISE One of the concerns many people have is over the size of the federal governments budget deficit. The deficit is simply the difference between the revenues coming in and the money going out. If the money coming in is less than what is being spent, the budget is running at a deficit, and the difference has to be made up with borrowing. It is not unusual for the federal government to run a deficit (in fact, it is rare when the budget is balanced or runs a small surplus), but keeping the deficit within a reasonable number turns out to be difficult. (For the sake of this exercise, assume that deficit reduction is a desirable political and fiscal goal.) You will use the National Budget Simulation to examine what changes could be made to respond to the budget deficit. You will use the long version, because it made to respond to the budget deficit....
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