a1sp06solutions - CS 414 Assignment 1 Solutions February 2,...

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February 2, 2006 Include your netid on every page of the submitted file. Name the file with the right extension. 1. Hardware interrupts support a concept of priority: an integer between 0 and 7. The rule is that when the CPU is running code at priority k (zero is the default), an interrupt of level l¿k can occur. When the CPU is at level l or above, the interrupt must wait until the handler has finished and the priority drops again. (a) Thinking about the devices connected to a typical PC (other than the processor clock), give an example of two devices where it would be best from a system performance perspective for one to inter- rupt at a higher priority and the other at a lower priority, and explain your reasoning. Solution Disk (I/O) should have higher priority than printer/mouse, notification on completion of disk reads is more critical for pro- gram execution. Comments Many people placed user I/O above system I/O, on the belief that the user would notice degraded quality. This was a very common mistake, and is wrong. (b) Usually, the system clock is the highest priority device: it inter- rupts at priority level 6 and no other device uses priority 6 or 7. Explain why this makes a lot of sense Solution System clock is used for recovering from infinite loops, if some devices have higher interrupt priority level, the device drivers can cause infinite loops. Comments
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a1sp06solutions - CS 414 Assignment 1 Solutions February 2,...

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