Western Civ - Geocentric conception the universe was seen...

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01-12-08 Geocentric conception - the universe was seen as a series of concentric spheres with a fixed or motionless earth at it’s center. Heliocentric conception - the belief that the sun, not the earth, is the center of the universe. 01-14-08 Newton - investigated White light. Began work on universal law of gravity- this could explain all the things previous scientists said about planets. Law of gravity provided mathematical evidence. “Principia ” or “Principia Mathamatica ” last major scholarly book written in Latin. He became a knight in 1705 because of this. Only English scientist buried in West Minster Abbey. Advances in Medicine Galen - 2 nd century Medieval Gr. Dr. he dissected animals to learn about human anatomy. Bodily humors- blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. If sick then these 4 humors were out of order, if removed then you would get better. Plain nursing care was the best way for someone to heal from sicknesses. This theory was believed until 1700s. Believed there were two separate circulatory systems, veins and arteries. Paracelsus - thought diseases were caused by chemical imbalances. He used chemical medicines to heal people Andreus Vesalius - “On the fabric of the Human Body” believed medical students should dissect human bodies. This was the first illustrated book on anatomy. * William Harvey - English, studied at Cambridge University and later at Padua. Found out that it’s one circulatory system. Founder of modern physiology “On the Motion of the Heart and
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Western Civ - Geocentric conception the universe was seen...

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