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Western Civ 01-21-08 - 01-21-08 The Enlightenment Explain...

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-1 01-21-08  The Enlightenment Explain the difference between the scientific revolution and the age of enlightenment. They tried to take what they learned in the scientific revolution and apply it to society. Philosophe - leaders of the Enlightenment. French word for philosopher. How did the great scientists of the scientific rev. differ from intellectuals of the Enlightenment? - scientists still mostly believed in God. Most Enlightenment scientists turned their backs from God and excluded Him from their theories. The preferred word for Enlightenment was Reason. Paths of Enlightenment Popularization of Science Bernard De Fontenelle - “Plurality of Worlds” it made science more easily understandable for those not involved in science in college. (about scientist explaining scientific discoveries understandable to his girlfriend. Yet, he downplayed the religious beliefs of previous scientist.) A new Skepticism Pierre Bailey  “Historical and Critical Dictionary” used this book to say as many rude, wrong things about Christians as he could. He was the leader of the new trend of questioning Christian/Religious beliefs. “Christians are superstitious, dogmatic, and intolerant.” Travel Literature James Cooke  - explorer Discovered many places. “Cooke’s Travels”
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people in Europe see that there were more religions as well as peoples and languages. People started to question and rejecting their beliefs in Christianity. “ Noble Savage ” did the noble savage have a better job/life? Travel literature made people question if their way of life was better. Legacy of Locke and Newton Newton was placed on a high pedestal Locke wrote two treaties of government. He also wrote the “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” his theory of knowledge. He contradicted thousands of years that people are born sinful. Children are born with a blank tablet Tabula Rasla - your experiences determine what you learn. The Philosophes and Their Ideas City that was centre of enlightenment? Paris Holland allowed people to publish works freely so many philosophes wrote anonymously or in code to have works published. Charles de Secondat Classical education, studied law. “Persian Letters” wrote of two Persians visiting another land and writing home of the French government. Persian/Parisian “The Spirit of the Laws” a book in which he compared republics, monarchy, and despotism. He praised the English govt. for what he called the separation of powers. Legislature that makes laws, and various branches that distribute and enforce the laws. Monesquieu is responsible for the US form of govt. Franscois-Marie Aruet- Voltaire 
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Western Civ 01-21-08 - 01-21-08 The Enlightenment Explain...

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