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Play analysis, First Born

Play analysis, First Born - it Each of them rely on the...

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-1 Betsey Courtnay Dr. Savidge Theory and Criticism 11/16/07 Play Analysis: The First born Step 1. Read the play in one sitting Yes, I did. Step 2. Reflect on the play and write what the play is about in one sentence. This is a modern rendition of the biblical story of Moses when he returns to Egypt. Step 3. Identify the time period of the play. Setting of the play: Egypt Authorship of the play: Christopher Fry. Step 4. Learn about the author Born December 18, 1907 and died June 30, 2005. The Firstborn was written in 1945. Step 5. Reflect on the genre of the play Historical tragedy Step 6. Do an Aristotelian analysis Plot: Moses returns to Egypt to find that his mother has been talking to his brother about who he truly is. Between explanations Moses asks for the freedom of the Israelites. As a result of them staying in captivity the seven plagues come with the final plague being the death of the firstborn male. Character: The character’s lives revolve around each other even if they don’t see
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Unformatted text preview: it. Each of them rely on the other for survival. Diction: the speech is reminiscent of biblical speech patterns, yet littered with modern sayings. Idea: Step 7. Do a conflict analysis Step 8. Do a structural analysis Identify the spatio temporal grid Egypt- Captivity Garden- newness, life Map out the character relationships Moses Miriam Aaron Shendi Anath Seti the Second Teusret Rameses Map out the objects Sand- main ingredient in bricks, covering of sins Nile- water, Moses’ rebirth Pyramids- labor, pain, toil Sheep- sacrifice for death of firstborn Tent- temporary dwelling Blood- death, freedom Do an image grid Firstborn- First male child Weeping- sorrow Venom- stinging of death, anger of Pharaoh towards Isrealites Reflect on the significance of the title The title explains the death of each Egyptian male firstborn, whether it was human or animal....
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Play analysis, First Born - it Each of them rely on the...

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