Play analysis, Oedipus Rex

Play analysis, Oedipus Rex - Diction Traditional style of...

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-1Step 2: Reflect on the play and write one sentence on what the play is about This is a play about a man that allowed the sayings of a prophet to lead his life. Step 3: Identify the time period of the play Setting of the play 430 B.C., Thebes Authorship of the play Sophocles wrote the play at the time that Greek mythological stories were being told and this play came about as a result of the stories. Step 4: Learn about the author 5 th century Athenian tragic playwright. Second of three great authors, these were Aeschylus and Euripides. He lived from about 496-406 B.C. Step 5: Reflect on the genre of the play Tragic melodrama: This play starts with sickness and ends in tragedy. Throughout the entirety Oedipus is stricken with fear that the prophet’s foretelling will come true. His fears do become reality when he finds out his family lineage. Step 6: Do an Aristotelian analysis Plot: For Oedipus to find the truth about his past Character: Each character is strong but they each hold a piece of Oedipus’ lineage
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Unformatted text preview: Diction: Traditional style of speech. Oedipus’ speech seems to be the same as those of lower class than him. Idea: A prophet’s foretelling comes to light. Step 7: Do a conflict analysis Oedipus fights with himself to see the truth yet blind Tiresias can see the truth. Step 8: Do a structural analysis Identify the spatio temporal grid Hillside/Mountains road to Thebes Palace Map out the character relationships Jocasta/Oedipus/ Polybus Antigone/Creon Ismene Polynices Chorus Map the objects Woolen branches- natural and artificial Noose - natural fibers but man-made Do an image grid Sight/blindness- truth of the situation Suicide- death of an illusion that they lived Reflect on the significance of the title Oedipus Rex : This title represents the main character and all the sorrows that lived with him. This name means swollen foot and refers to how his feet were after he had been abandoned in the mountains....
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Play analysis, Oedipus Rex - Diction Traditional style of...

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