Play analysis, Threepenny Opera

Play analysis, Threepenny Opera - Courtnay 1 Step 2....

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Courtnay 1 -1 Step 2. Reflect on the play and write what the play is about in one sentence. Step 3. Identify the time period of the play. Setting of the play: Soho during Victorian, England Authorship of the play: Brecht took the idea of “A Beggar’s Opera” and adapted it to fit the social complexities of Germany during the time the play was written. Although the play took place during Victorian England. Step 4. Learn about the author Bertolt Brecht was born in Bavaria, Augsburg, Germany in 1898. He joined the communist Independent Social Democratic party in 1919 after serving in the military during WWI. Brecht was opposed to the middle class, which was seen as the ruling class. Step 5. Reflect on the genre of the play Comedic reality, this play shows the harshness of life on the streets yet reveals how love can conquer even the harshest of realities. Step 6. Do an Aristotelian analysis Plot: Macheath and Peachum work against each other to reach a goal. Macheath’s goal is to continue living as a robber, Peachum’s to live as leader of the
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Play analysis, Threepenny Opera - Courtnay 1 Step 2....

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