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Makeup and Costume Design Statement for Curse

Makeup and Costume Design Statement for Curse - artichokes...

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-1 Betsey Courtnay Marlaina Seay Makeup & Costume Design November 26, 2007 Curse of the Starving Class: Design Concept Statement “The Curse of the Starving Class” is a play set in the 1970s. The characters are harsh realistic people dealing with life on a farm in the southwest. The colors for this show came from the desert. The members of the family are related by their clothing in various browns greens, and oranges. Characters that are not in the family share some of the same colors, but the fabrics are brighter and richer. Through the representation of each of the colors the characters personalities come through. Both, through how they relate to each other and to how they relate to the supposed poverty represented. The peach/orange of Ella’s costume came from the clay the green represents the
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Unformatted text preview: artichokes. The white and greens of Emma’s costume are inspired by the 4-H clubs. The dark gray of Wesley’s jeans represents the dark bark of the trees, his corduroy shirt represents the rough life he has had. Weston’s brown coat is a worn brown to show that he has had better days of providing for his family. His red plaid shirt represents his distance from his family, yet the shirt is worn from wear. Ellis’ clothing represents his lifestyle, the maroon of his pants along with the seafoam green of his shirt follows the color palette of the family. Emerson’s clothing is durable for his line of work, yet flexible and cheap looking. The green and brown are similar to what the family wears but unlike the family in the rich material used....
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