MUAR211 - The Lied and Song Cycle

my son my son i see it clear the ancient willows so

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Unformatted text preview: ely child, come, go with me! What wonderful games I'll play with thee; Flowers, most colorful, yours to behold. My mother for you has garments of gold." “My father, my father, and can you not hear what Erl King is promising into my ear?" “Be calm, stay calm, o child of mine; The wind through dried leaves is rustling so fine.” Narrator Father Son Erlking “Wouldst thou, fine lad, go forth with me? My daughters should royally wait upon thee; My daughters conduct each night their song fest To swing and to dance and to sing thee to rest." “My Father, my father, and can you not see Erl King's daughters, there by the tree?" “My son, my son, I see it clear; The ancient willows so grey do appear." “I love thee, I'm aroused by thy beauUful form; And be thou not willing, I'll take thee by storm."...
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