MUAR211 - The Lied and Song Cycle

It is the father whos holding his child hes tucked the

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Unformatted text preview: to the last stanza as the Erlking threatens the boy directly, but then suddenly drops as the narrator states simply (in a recitaUve ­style) that the boy is dead Schubert, “Erlkönig” 4 different voices (characters), each with its own musical personality: –  narrator –  father: low, gruff, stable –  son: high ­pitched, frightened, franUc, unstable –  Erlking: ominously sweet (hammering triplets disappear) Schubert, “Erlkönig” Who's riding so late through night, so wild? It is the father who's holding his child; He's tucked the boy secure in his arm, He holds him Ught and keeps him warm. “My son, why hide you your face in fear?" “See you not, father, the Erl King near? The Erl King in his crown and train?" “My son, 'Us but a foggy strain." “Sweet lov...
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