MUAR211 - The Lied and Song Cycle

Died in a typhoid epidemic moritz von schwind

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Unformatted text preview: somewhere in between these two types Franz Schubert •  master of the Lied •  worked in Vienna •  supported by teaching, publications, and friends •  prolific—wrote nearly 700 songs in addition to symphonies, sonatas, etc. •  died in a typhoid epidemic Moritz von Schwind, Schuber(ade Schmid, A Schubert Evening in a Vienna Salon Schubert, “Erlkönig” (1815) story: based on an 8 ­stanza ballad poem by Goethe –  a furious horseback ride through the night as a father tries to save his deathly ill son –  the Erlking comes for the child (first he beckons, then cajoles, then theatens) –  the son is frightened, but the father cannot see the Erlking ( is the Erlking real, or is the boy delirious?) –  when they reach home, the boy is dead in his arms Watch an animaUon of Schubert’s “Erlkönig” from the NaUonal Film Board of Canada: hhp:// Schubert, “Erlkönig” •  through ­composed seXng •  some moUves used throughout to create unity and tension –  fast triplets suggest the horse’s pounding hooves –  son’s “Mein Vater!” higher in pitch each Ume it returns •  tension builds...
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