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exam review session - -cannot say that God misspoke o...

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L&A C-70 Review Session Spring 2006 GENERAL ESSAYS 1. Debate is Fundamentally About Interpretation (Agree/disagree) - look at different types of interpretations - What separates Xianity and Judaism? - Pick a few things as examples o Sabbath, circumcision 2. NT writers acknowledge the importance of the HS - NT view of the Hebrew scriptures - Use NT writers - Can also use Marcion o He wanted to reject all of the OT - Keep in mind that all Xian writers do not think the same way - Is this a good foundation for the Church? - Importance of Isaiah, basically proves that Christianity is true 3. Fulfillment of OT laws by Christ How would Barnabas, Melito, Justin react? - How do these people see the advent of Christ? - Why does it say that he fulfilled the law, and not that he destroyed the law? - If you say a law is destroyed, you are going against the word or will of God o Not saying that God is wrong (or miswrote) o Giving a different way of interpreting
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Unformatted text preview: -cannot say that God misspoke o Christ is Jewish messiah, so must come from Jewish scripture o Cant be going against himself (Christ = God in Xianity) -Barnabas food laws (typology)-Justin circumcision (hardness of hearts)-Melito Passover SPECIFIC ESSAYS 1. Is Christianity a monotheism? Is Judaism?-define 3 terms given in class o monotheism o polytheism o henotheism -evidence from text that support one position or the other 2. What is the relationship of the Jewish seder and of Melito’s On Pascha to Exodus 12?-both take what is found in Ex 12 and use them symbolically-where do they converge/diverge o extrapolation of text-is what is done in melito mimicked in the seder? 3. How does the Christian belief in Christ as Davidic messiah compare with Jewish beliefs in a Davidic messiah?-trying to fit Christ into a mold of some sort o look at Justin...
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exam review session - -cannot say that God misspoke o...

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