LEC 2-thermodynamics

Hence in a system isolated from its environment the

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Unformatted text preview: tem isolated from its environment, the entropy of that system will tend not to decrease. From 1st law, for a reversible process: , or This is the wide used Gibbs equation. Consider of , we can get: For ideal gas, and Therefore: or for isentropic flow, is constant, Solve for ⇒ Integrate: SHU Fall 2012 3 Thermodynamics (Review) LEC 2 Example 1: Air flow through a long duct of constant area at 0.15 . A short section of the duct is cooled by liquid nitrogen the surrounds the duct. The rate of heat loss in the section is 15.0 from the air. The absolute pressure, temperature, and velocity entering the cooled section are 188 kPa, 440 , and 210 , respectively. At the outlet, the absolute pressure and temperature are 213 and ,...
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