Handout 10_Greece-Athenian Acropolis

Bce ca575bce ca570bce ca530bce 518460bce ca480bce

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Unformatted text preview: ians defeated at Thermopylae And Salamis ca 850BCE 8th Cent.BCE ca 575BCE ca 570BCE ca 530BCE 518‐460BCE ca 480BCE 478‐474BCE Kritios Boy Charioteer, Delphi 479‐333BCE 449BCE 431‐404BCE 429BCE 399BCE 347BCE Classical Greek Period Pericles signs peace treaty w/Persia Peloponnesian Wars Death of Pericles Death of Socrates Death of Plato ca 470‐457BCE ca 450BCE ca 450BCE 447‐432BCE ca 450BCE ca 420‐410BCE ca 350BCE ca 350BCE Temple of Zeus, Olympia Temple of Hera II, Paestum Warrior, Riace Parthenon, Athens Statue of Poseidon (Zeus?) Temple of Apollo, Bassae Theatre at Epidaurus Mau...
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