Handout 10_Greece-Athenian Acropolis

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Unformatted text preview: nements are intended to cause conflict between the expectation of the image and what is exactly seen. This conflict forces the mind to constantly reconcile the eye and the mind – the resulting fascination keeps the structure lively and interesting. Kallikrates: [Ionic] Temple of Athena Nike (ca 435‐420BCE) b. Mneiskeles: Propylaea (437‐432BCE) i. North Wing: Pinakotheke (“painting gallery”) ii. South Wing: Glyptotheke (“sculpture gallery”) c. Statue of Athena Promachos (Champion) d. Iktinos w/Kallikraes; Phideas as sculptor: [Doric] Parthenon, aka Temple of Athena Parthenos (447‐432BCE) Rhodes, Robin Frances. Architecture and Meaning on the Athen...
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