Handout 10_Greece-Athenian Acropolis

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Unformatted text preview: lpture, used to (re)orient and direct; architectural mapping of larger urban or religious topography. 5. Acropolis composition emphasizes the subjective perception of the viewer: from “man is the measure of all things” to “man is the measurer of all things”. 6. Anthropomorphic analogy of the column and orders to the human body. Works 1. Contemporary Works a. Bernard Tschumi: Acropolis Museum – Athens, Greece (2001‐2009) b. Richard Meier: The Getty Center – Los Angeles, CA (1984‐1997) 2. Dipylon Gate 3. Panathenaic Way 4. Acropolis at Athens (Patron: Pericles / Overseer of Building Program: Phidias) Pollitt, J.J. Art and Experience in Classical Greece. Cambridge: Cambridge University...
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