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P65 pollittsthreeproposalsforrefinements i ii 92010

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Unformatted text preview: Press, 1972. “The measure of [Pericles’] success is attested by the fame which the monuments of Periclean Athens still enjoy, a fame which was shrewdly predicted by Thucydides (I.x.2), when he remarked that if Sparta were to be laid waste its remains would give posterity little impression of its power, ‘but if the same misfortune were to overtake Athens, the power of the city, from its visible remains, would seem to have been twice as great as it is.’” (p.65) Pollitt’s three proposals for refinements: i. ii. 9/20/10 The COMPENSATION THEORY dates to Vitruvius. In this proposal, it is assumed that the Greek architect wanted all of the elements to look ‘regular’ and...
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