Handout 10_Greece-Athenian Acropolis

Thofalexanderthegreat ca300bce

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Unformatted text preview: soleum of Halicarnassus 333‐30BCE 332BCE 323BCE 1687AD Hellenistic Greek Period Alexander the Great conquers Egypt Death of Alexander the Great ca 300BCE Explosion of gunpowder magazine badly damages Parthenon Odyssey and Illiad “Geometric” vases Temple of Hera, Samos Kouros from Tenea Temple of Hera I, Paestum Persepolis Temple of Apollo, Didyma Vocabulary Acropolis “high city”; fortified height of an ancient city (citadel overlooking the surrounding plain and terrain); Classical Period and after typically occupied by important temples and shrines, especially those associated with patron deity Caryatid a vertical supporting member carved in anthropomorphic form Delian League association of Greek city‐states lead by Athens to resist the Persian Empire after the end of the Greco‐Persian Wars Panathenaic Procession ritual procession from the Dipylon Gate to the Parthenon as...
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