Handout 26_Early Medieval-Carolingian

Handout 26_Early Medieval-Carolingian

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Unformatted text preview: t the day and night, manual labor, and individual religious study 10. architectural responses to enclosure and to the development of polyphonal chant as new liturgical form 11. innovation of tall bell towers in western architecture: new verticality to the silhouette of western churches which anticipates later developments in the Romanesque and Gothic periods Works 1. Contemporary Examples a. United States Capitol – Washington, DC (1793‐1868) i. Dr. William Thornton: Original competition design (1793); Benjamin Latrobe (1803‐1811, 1815‐ 1817); Charles Bullfinch(1818‐1829: Alteration and Additions); Thomas U Walter (1851‐1865): Cast‐iron dome ii. Derivatives: 1. McKim, Mead, and White: Rhode Island State House – Providence, RI (1892‐1903) 2. Cass Gilbert: Minnesota State Capitol – St Paul, MN (1895‐1905) b. Tod William Billie Tsien: Neurosciences Institute – La Jolla, CA (1992‐1995) i. “Dr Edelman asked us to design a monastery for scientists” 2. [Carolingian] Palace Chapel of Charlemagne – Aachen [Aix...
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