Handout 26_Early Medieval-Carolingian


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Unformatted text preview: him an important counterforce to the Church scriptorium (from the Latin scribere, ‘to write’) room in which certain monks copy manuscripts tribune apse of the basilica or raised platform on which dignitary appears westwork the tower‐like west end of a Carolingian or Romanesque church, often containing a low entrance vestibule surmounted by a large room open to the nave and usually surrounded by aisles and upper galleries; the whole is crowned by one broad tower and there are occasionally stair turrets as well Themes 1. barbarian invasion and conquest of the Roman Empire in the west with resulting depopulation and dilapidation of cities and infrastructure 2. phenomenon of itinerant kingship in the early Middle Ages: the king takes his court with him 3. power and prestige of Constantinian and Justinian architectural precedents for the patronage of later rulers: authority of the past within a commemorative culture 4. pendant placement of an earthly ruler in a church opposite the altar with its symbolic presence of Chr...
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