Handout 26_Early Medieval-Carolingian


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Unformatted text preview: ist, the heavenly ruler 5. from Roman Emperor in antiquity to Holy Roman Emperor in the Middle Ages as a major expression of the medieval political ideology of sacred kingship 6. phenomenon of multi‐functional churches 10/29/10 Page 2 of 5 ARC 231/530 Fall 2010 7. History 1: History of World Architecture – Ancient Through Medieval School of Architecture, CALA, University of Arizona formal/aesthetic change from the open, fluid, dynamic space, minimized masses, and abundant illumination of Byzantine architecture to more fragmented space, simple, heavy masses, and reduced illumination of early medieval architecture in the West: general process of abstraction 8. development of monasticism as a communal, rather than individual, ascetic practice with penitential overtones; creation of self‐sufficient communities 9. in monasticism, all‐encompassing code (“rule”) for the monks’ way of life prescribes a totalizing schedule of prayers throughou...
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