Handout 26_Early Medieval-Carolingian


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Unformatted text preview: e withdrawn because of the laziness of disobedience. ... If we wish to be sheltered in [His] Kingdom, it can be reached only through our good conduct. ... If, escaping the tortures of Hell, we wish to find eternal life, we must live what God wills in our lifetime, while we have the ability and chance. Never departing from His guidance, remaining in the monastery until death, we patiently share in Christ's passion, so we may eventually enter into the Kingdom of God. from Chapter 1: The different kinds of monks and their customs ... let us with God's help establish a rule for Cenobites who are the best kind of monks. from Chapter 2: The qualities of the abbot In a monastery he is Christ's representative, called by His name ... The abbot should always remember that he will be held accountable on Judgment Day for his teaching and the obedience of his charges. ... As the occasion requires he should mix encouragement with reproof. He should show the sternness of a master and the love and affectio...
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