Handout 26_Early Medieval-Carolingian

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Unformatted text preview: man Turk Sultan Mehmed II conquers Constantinople Temple of Vishnu, Deogarh, India [Byzantine] Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey Gregorian chants established Ch. of S. Pedro de la Nave, El Campilo, ESP Shrine at Ise, Japan Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Great Mosque, Damascus, Syria Palace Chapel of Charlemagne, Aachen, GER Monastery Plan at St Gall, Switzerland 9th Century 866‐911 910 Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain Abbey Church of St.‐Denis, Paris, France Cathedral of Notre‐Dame, Chartres, France 1204 Rayonnant Ste‐Chapelle, Paris, France Alhambra, Granada, Spain 1348 1453 Carolingian Dynasty 717‐741 Charles Martel 741‐768 Pepin III, the Short 768‐814 Charlemagne (“Charles the Great”): ‘renovatio Romani imperii’ (Latin for "revival of the Roman Empire")‐ this was the inscription on the official seal of Charlemagne 814‐840 Louis the Pious 840‐877 Charles the Bald 10/29/10 Page 1 of 5 ARC 231/530 Fal...
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