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MR 22 - lecture 7 - 10-17-05

MR 22 - lecture 7 - 10-17-05 - Limited Government-what are...

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Jodi Krakower MR-22 – Justice Lecture #7 – Locke’s Property Rights 10/17/05 Legitimate Government Consent - “legitimate gov’t is founded on consent” o Basis of legitimate gov’t - Consent of the people/the commons - Relation between consent and limits that any legitimate gov’t must adhere to - Everyone can enforce the state of nature o So, everyone can be the judge of their own case - the only way to escape from the state of nature is to undertake an act of consent where you agree with everyone else in the social commons to give up the state of nature o submit to the determination of the majority o allow for the establishment of government & legislature to be able to
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Unformatted text preview: Limited Government-what are the powers of the limited gov’t?-how much power does the majority have?-Limited by the obligation to respect and enforce the fundamental natural rights of the people o Unalienable rights-Can the gov’t tax the majority? o In essence, taking the property of the people-Can the majority vote to go to war? o Decide on military conscription Taxation-necessary to tax in order to upkeep the society and gov’t o maintenance-138 “the supreme power cannot take from any amn any part of his property without his own consent” o Gov’t was first established to protect man’s property...
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