MR 22 - lecture 12,13 - 10-31-05

MR 22 - lecture 12,13 - 10-31-05 - 3 Questions 1 Is it...

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Jodi Krakower MR-22 – Justice Lecture 12, 13 10/31/05 Kant – What is the supreme principle of morality? 3 Contrasts - Motives - duty - inclination - Determination of will - autonomous o only free when will is determined autonomously o being able to pursue our desires - heteronomous - Imperatives - categorical - hypothetical The Categorical Imperative - formula of universal law - formula of humanity as end
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Questions 1) Is it wrong to combine duty and autonomy?- kant believes that acting out of duty is acting in your own “laws”- acting according to duty involves acting out of our own good will 2) How many moral laws are there?- I only act freely when I act according to the moral law only if that law is self-imposed...
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